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Antiquarian Bookseller


The Antiquarian Bookseller has been the natural progression to the book-collecting bug I caught in my early teens. Antiquarian Bookseller is a small independent collectible books business based in Plymouth, UK. We are trying to list all our available titles onto the Internet but this is a big and ongoing task so if you are after a particular book don’t hesitate to contact us as we just may have that rare book you are looking for.


We have a wide range of titles on many subjects including Art, Religion, History, Architecture and Literature. So contact the Antiquarian Bookseller today on 01752 670555 or contact us via the web form on the Antiquarian Bookseller website.


At the Antiquarian Bookseller we aim to offer our customers a friendly professional personal service at all times. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


You can also download our latest PDF catalogues on all our topics or a full simple list catalogue of all the titles currently entered into our database. We are currently in the process of putting all our stock into the database therefore all these lists currently are only a selection of the titles held in stock by the Antiquarian Bookseller so if you don’t find what you are looking for please contact the Antiquarian Bookseller via the web contact form or phone 01752 670555 to see if the book that you are looking for is in stock.


Please note that postage and packing is based on size, weight of book / books ordered and destination. Please ask when checking the book(s) availability etc. the cost of shipping.

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